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Delta Plast was established on 1988 with the Efforts of the Chairman of Board the Accountant Mr. Ali Hassan El-Habbal. The Egyptian Co. For Trading & Industries (Delta Plast) Leader on polyethylene and polypropylene recycling. With high-quality iodized additions and promotive with all range of the colours in Egypt.

Delta Plast exported it is products to Europe and North African countries with a satisfactory rates and we hope to Expand our Production & our Clients All over the world More >>


We present a wide Range of polyethylene & polypropylene Products ...
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supports deferent injection Machine under the name of Oima, Sendrito and Mira Click to find our service

Delta Plast is member of the Association of Plastics Manufacturers and Exporters in Egypt.

With a Pioneer vision looking forward to open new markets for Egyptian products all over the world and in line with the policy and development and with a personal efforts of General Manager Eng. Tamer Al Habbal…. Delta Plast Introduced a new products Like all Kinds of Field Plastic Boxes, Fruits, Vegetables & fishes Boxes, As well as all export boxes.

The company also produces carbonated water boxes of all sizes and forms, which allowed us to further cooperation with international companies Like Coca Cola & Pepsi & RC…..etc

This Modernization in the quality of production and quality Control accompanied by a similar development in the plastics injection machines to read the latest technology controlled automatically by the computer, which makes the production processes is the highest quality.